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  1. M4A3E8 Easy Eight, the last evolution of the Sherman, Southern Germany, May 1945. Colonel Creighton Abrams' Thunderbolt VII and his famous personal insignia, Horazdovice, May 1945. M4A3E8 in Korea, 1951
  2. An American classic! Read more about the M4, its development and its variants here: http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/US/M4_Sherman.phpFollow NACM on Fac..
  3. Der M4A3E8 Sherman ist ein amerikanischer mittlerer Panzer der Stufe 6. Der M4A3E8 ist die am meisten produzierte Ausführung des Hauptpanzers der USA im Zweiten Weltkrieg. Der Panzer besaß eine geschweißte Wanne und einen Ford-Vergasermotor des Typs GAA. Fisher Tank Arsenal und Detroit Tank Arsenal bauten von Juni 1942 bis März 1945.
  4. The rare M4A3E8 (75) W - HVSS Sherman: The US Army wanted to discontinue production of 75mm Shermans at the end of 1943. However, the British & US Marines still had requirements for them in 1944 and on

http://andyshobbyheadquarters.com/This video is the complete build and review of the upcoming release from Tamiya of the Sherman M4A3E8 kit # 35346This is no.. The M4A3E8 Easy 8 Sherman is a Medium tank which was used in World War II by the United States. This vehicle has many advantages compared to other tanks, such as its large amount of High Explosive in its shells, almost as much as Leopard heavy tank shells.As stated above, it has an extra high turret, making it able to peek from cover from farther distances to shoot The Sherman tank was equipped with all the gear to act as artillery if needed and was a regular occurrence in the MTO, less so in the ETO. M4A2 75. Sherman tanks with the 75mm gun carried between 104 and 97 rounds of main gun ammo. Only 10 to 15% of this ammo was AP, that's how rare other armor was, HE would make up the majority of the rest. Comparing: Sherman Firefly vs. M4A3E8 Sherman vs. M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo A British version of the American M4 Sherman tank, developed in early 1944. It differed from the U.S. version by having a more powerful 17-pounder gun, different placement of the radio and ammunition, no bow gun, and no driver's assistant position. Between 2,100 and 2,300. M4A3 Sherman: The Best Version Of The Sherman, Both in 75mm and 76mm. Jumbo Info here. This version of the Sherman would be the base for what would be the final Sherman in US Army use, seeing action all the way out to the Korean War in US Army hands.This tank had a welded hull just like the M4, A2, and A4, but used a new motor

Box contents Includes: Plastic sprue, Plastic sprue (Clear), Photoetched fret, Turned metal, Decalsheet (waterslide), Metal Markings M4 Sherman M4A3E8 Sherman US Army (1784-now) 11 Arm. Div., 41 Tank Bn. Flat-Foot-Floosie | World War 2 - Germany 1945 | Khaki green 4 Arm. Div. | World War 2 - Germany 1945 | Khaki green; 4 Arm. Div., 35 Tank Bn. | World War 2 - Bastogne 1945 | Khaki gree Sherman M4A3E8 earned the nickname from its experimental E8. Nicknamed as the Easy-Eight or E8, this tank was a quicker, slightly better armored version of the M4 Sherman. It also had an upgraded 76mm gun with an improved rate or fire and better accuracy

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It was deemed that losses form superior German Panzers during WW2 were higher than expected. The M1A1 76mm gun was an improvement but the turret on the original M4 Sherman was too small to take it. This led to delays whilst a new turret was designed. The new M4A3E8/M4A3(76)W HVSS 'Easy Eight' was thus launched in late 1944 The M4 Sherman medium tank was the primary tank used by the United States during World War II. It has been produced in a significant number of units ant it formed the backbone of United Stated armoured forces during at those time. it has been produced in several variants and versions The production of the M4A3E8 versions started at the end of 1944

The popular notion of the Firefly is mostly hype. It was a pain in the ass to build and even a bigger pain to man. But while it had major limitations it was certainly a deadly weapon system. There is even a certain level of contention with its nam.. Main Guns: The Sherman Mounted Six Different Guns, But Not On All Versions, NOW WITH GUN DATA SHEETS! The Sherman tank and its chassis was host to a variety of guns. Most had the M3 75mm gun, or the M1A1 76mm gun, but many were also equipped with the British 17 pounder, the M3 90mm, 3 inch AT gun and the M2/M4 105mm howitzer About the Easy Eight - M4A3E8 Sherman Tank: The name Easy Eight was the nickname for the final World War II production model of the famous Sherman tank. While never designed to battle heavy German armor, this model was more capable than the original Sherman tanks rolled out three years earlier

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  1. M4A3(76)W Sherman (VVSS) This variant was manufactured by Chrysler (1400 units produced) and Fisher Body (525 units produced). M4A3(76)W. This tank is similar to the M4A3(75)W. It has a 47° glacis, large hatches and wet ammunition stowage, but it has a T23 turret and a 76mm gun instead of the 75mm turret and gun
  2. A variant of the US's main battle tank of WWII, This particular one saw action during the Korean War in the 1950s. These photos were taken at Patton Park, Fort Benning, Georgia. Processed from 92 photos taken with my Canon EOS Rebel XSI - M4A3E8 Sherman Tank (Raw Scan) - Download Free 3D model by Renafox (@kryik1023) [a3763ae
  3. tamiya # 35346 1/35 u.s. medium tank m4a3e8 sherman easy eight european theater; tamiya # 35358 1/35 german self-propelled howitzer wespe ''italian front'' tamiya # 35359 1/35 u.s. medium tank m4a3e8 sherman ''easy eight'' korean war; tamiya # 35360 1/35 us light tank m3 stuart late production; tamiya # 35361 1/35 jgsdf type 16 maneuver combat.
  4. Korean War: T-34/85 vs M4A3E8 Easy Eight Sherman Discussion in ' Post-World War 2 Armour ' started by Hoosier phpbb3 , Nov 6, 2007 . Hoosier phpbb3 New Membe
  5. The U.S. M4 Sherman tank was undoubtedly one of the symbols of WWII, deployed in great quantities and numerous variants to counter the potent threat of German armor. One such variant was the M4A3E8, which was one of the final Sherman types and thus had t
  6. M4 Sherman Tank. Home The Battlefield. Any questions, comments, or problems, please email me. The M4 Sherman was the most prevalent US tank in WWII. It's main armament was it's 75mm Cannon. M4A1 Walk Around Secondary M4A1 Walk Around Marcel's M4 Sherman Re-enactment Photos M4A1 Walk Around by Greg Smit
  7. It was deemed that losses from superior German Panzers during WW2 were higher than expected. The M1A1 76mm gun was an improvement but the turret on the original M4 Sherman was too small to take it. This led to delays whilst a new turret was designed. The new M4A3E8/M4A3(76)W HVSS 'Easy Eight' was thus launched in late 1944

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M4A3E8 Sherman HVSS with 76mm gun of the 21st Tank Battalion, CCA, 10th Armored Division. Rosswalden Germany April 20,1945 « Next photo M4 Sherman part 1 image 168 of 216 Previous photo This is an all-new kit designed by Tamiya's top designers which recreates the Easy Eight variant of the legendary Sherman medium tank. The M4A3E8 was known fondly as the Easy Eight by its crews, thanks to the relatively smooth drive afforded by its Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension (HVSS). Another distinguishing feature was its 76mm gun M4A3E8 Sherman - 1/48th Scale Brick Building Kit. Constructed at 1/48 scale to match the USATC 40-Foot Flat Car, the M4A3E8 Sherman remains a detailed, sturdy model while fitting perfectly within Brickmania's 1/48 scale railroad lineup. For display purposes, train building, or otherwise this unique build perfectly encapsulates the versatility of Brickmania's design team The M4A3E8 commonly known as the Easy Eight is a faster and up gunned variant of the M4 Sherman produced in the later part of the Second World War from March 1944 to April 1945. The Ford GAA 4-stroke V8 engine and HVSS suspension provided the Easy Eight with better range and mobility compared to its earlier M4 counterparts but what really.

The M4A3E8 has been kitted in 1:35 scale by a number of companies, including Tamiya, Academy, and Tasca (now Asuka - see my review). Now Rye Field Models (RFM) is moving in to the Sherman neighbourhood with this as their opening gambit, and readers will note how similar this kit is to the Asuka version in terms of construction and the details. M4A3E8 Sherman : Thunderbolt,105mm and 76mm with concrete armour - a triple building - case report Tankers!!! Now, I will show a triple project of 2010 that I really liked. The central theme is the M4A3E8 Sherman HVSS, the famous Easy Eight!! Let's go, Shermie !! Production of the upgraded Sherman commenced at light speed to help get the armor up to the front lines as quickly as possible. By late 1944, the M4A3E2 was already being delivered into the eager hands of awaiting American tank crews and commanders in Europe

A Sherman tank of the second World War, representing the one driven by Brad Pitt's crew in the movie Fury. The model comes with all working parts, including the tracks, suspension, wheels, player hatch, turret and even MG. All LOD levels are included, as well as custom collision meshes Blitz M4A3E8 Sherman - read more about M4A3E8 Sherman, play free mobile online mmo game for ios and androi M4A3E8 Sherman. M4A3E8 Sherman Winter. Foltos téli festés. Jól megtöri a harckocsi sziluetjét, és nehezebb észlelni nagyobb távolságból. 1941-től 49-ig alkalmazták. M4A3E8 Sherman Desert. Csíkos sivatagi festés, a 4-dik Tengeri Ezred használta a Csendes-óceáni hadműveletben 1944-ben

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Tamiya M4A3E8 Sherman in 1/35 scale. Aftermarket parts: Aber metal barrel, Value gear Sherman stowage set. colors and weathering effects by Ammo-mig, Tamiya and AK. Have a great weekend and stay at home! 13 additional images. Click to enlarge Us Medium Tank M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight / 1:48 / USA / Második világháború / Tankok / Katonai járművek és gépek / Ragasztható modellek Tamiya 35346 1/35 US Medium Tank M4A3E8 Sherman Plastic Model Kit 4.8 out of 5 stars 440. $42.59. MiniArt U.S. Tank Crew 4.4 out of 5 stars 46. $14.19. Tamiya 87038 Extra Thin Cement Glue Fine Tip 40ml 4.7 out of 5 stars 4,539 # 1 Best Seller in Hobby Tool Glues. $9.59. Tamiya America, Inc Acrylic XF60, Flat Dark Yellow, TAM81360.

The M4A3E2 has a very similar model compared to the M4A3E8 Sherman, so most defensive measures used by the M4A3E8 can be used by this tank, however many of the offensive tactics used by the M4A3E8 cannot be used due to the Jumbo's lack of speed. Ammunition. Name Penetration Damage Velocit The Dragon M4A3E8 Sherman Thunderbolt VII proved to be one of the titanic struggles for me. But, after over a year long hiatus, with new found wisdom, perspective and a burning desire to redeem my honor, I have finally completed this damn model and it is my finest yet. In retrospect, things should have/could have gone much more smoothly 1:160 (N) - SHERMAN TANK M4A3e8. Overview This is a small scalemodel of the famous American Sherman M4A3e8 tank, (also known as Easy Eight) for N scale model railroads. It can be used as a load on flat rail cars for military shipment by freight train, perhaps as a monument in a small village, part of a movie-set or in a battle scene.. Now you can display your favourite tanks with this pre-assembled model in 1/72nd Scale. Produced by Easy Model and made of plastic, these models are highly detailed with all the correct colours and camouflage. The perfect addition to any tank fan's desk. Each come with one fully assembled and painted model. For ages 1

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280042 - M4A3 / M4A3E8 Sherman. Regular price £16.67. Add to Cart. Share Share on Facebook. The M4A3, powered by the excellent Ford GAA V8 engine, was the US Army's preferred Sherman variant. It began to replace other Sherman types in US Army service in 1944. In late 1943, the M4A3 underwent a major overhaul as part of a program to improve. M4A3 / M4A3E8 Sherman. $ 32.00 Quantity. Add to Cart. Description; The M4A3, powered by the excellent Ford GAA V8 engine, was the US Army's preferred Sherman variant. It began to replace other Sherman types in US Army service in 1944. In late 1943, the M4A3 underwent a major overhaul as part of a program to improve the Sherman design and. Which Sherman is better, the Rifle Company's M4A3E8 Easy Eight or the Mechanized Company's M4A3 (76)? Rifle Company M4A3E8 Easy Eight Smoother suspension for better accuracy on the move, faster, and more heavily armed than the standard M4A3 Sherman. 380 manpower 140 fuel 14 population Can engage all targets, fires effectively while moving

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The M4A3E8 Sherman in my opinion seems that if you do well in the tank the tank itself can be great money maker. But if you are reckless with it makes you believe that it is like one of the tanks in tier seven to tier ten when you see sometimes minus credits so it is strongly recommended that you best to play intelligently in this tank and in. In the case of another Sherman the entire upper glacis of the could be cut out and then welded to the front of the tank. The 6th Armoured Division stated in a report: A recently modified M4A3E8 took a direct hit from a German 75 mm shell with the only resulting damage being the complete separation of the middle section of additional armour from. Officially named the M4A3(76)W HVSS, but generally known as the Easy Eight. At the end of August 1944, a new suspension was designed for the M4 series, allowing greater mobility as well as heavier armor. The result was a highly effective medium tank. The vehicle was mass-produced beginning in late March 1945, with a total of 4542 M4A3(76)W tanks with both suspension types manufactured

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This is the 1/35 Scale M4A3E8 Sherman . I don't like giving bad reviews. but this was a bad model. it was my first Italeri and will be the last. bogeys don't fit. mis-marked parts/sprues missing parts. warped parts.etc lots of flashing/lots of sanding.upper hull was at least an 1/8 inch too short when fitting to lower hull. that being said The M4A3E8 Sherman was a medium tank of WWII, serving in the United States and many of the Allies. Officially named the M4A3(76)W HVSS, but generally known as the Easy Eight. At the end of March 1945 a new suspension was designed for the M4 series, allowing greater mobility as well as heavier armor. The result was a highly effective medium tank =D #HVSS #M4A3E8 #Medium_tank #Sherman_M4 #Widetrack #WWII. 2015 Nov. 4 Now updated further with a more detailed bow gun and pintle mounted Browning M1919A1 .30 caliber gun replacing the simple shapes 1919 there originally to keep things simple. Also featured in this update are real volute springs, box modeled - made into a spiral - and then.

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The M4A3E8 Sherman earned the nickname Easy 8 from its experimental designation (E8). This new variant entered into WWII late in the war (Dec 1944). It sported the much vaunted HVSS (horizontal volute spring suspension) wide track and suspension upgrade. This gave the tank a much better ride and more stable firing platform Sherman tank, officially M4 General Sherman, main battle tank designed and built by the United States for the conduct of World War II. The M4 General Sherman was the most widely used tank series among the Western Allies, being employed not only by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps but also by British, Canadian, and Free French forces The culmination of the design, at least during WW2, was the M4A3E8 variant, known by the troops as the Easy 8. This variant first saw combat in Western Europe in December 1944. Tamiya first issued an M4A3E8 Sherman in 1/35th scale back in the 1970s. It was motorized and I remember it had some of the coolest box art I had ever seen The COBI M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight Tank Set parts all work with the other major brand and you will be pleasantly surprised and the great quality and detail of this Cobi set. The Set is Cobi's Version of the Easy company Sherman M4A3E8 Tanks from the movie Fury. Pre-Order Update: Ships September 2020 all ships on dates are estimates

M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight Tweet Description An American tank from World War II. It was colloquially called Easy-Eight or E8. It is a faster, slightly better armored version of the M4 Sherman. It is equipped with an improved 76 mm gun and a new chassis with HVSS springs. The COBI construction block model is an excellent gift for all adults. Jan 28, 2017 - (Order) Tamiya 35346 Fury Tank M4A3E8 Easy Eight Sherman 1/35 Pro Built Mode M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight - WW2 Historische Sammlung. in Cobi.pl. store. Shop with toys and blocks for kids of all ages - Cobi.pl. Check out our wide range of toys at attractive prices

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1/35th scale Vintage Dragon WWII M4A3E8 Sherman tank modelTamiya 1/16th scale M4A3E8 Korean War Sherman tank ModelTamiya Kit NoTamiya 25175 1/35 M4A3E8 Sherman "Easy Eight" (w/4 Figures)Scale models i like to see — M4A3E8 Sherman “Easy Eight

M4A3E8 Sherman tank fires its 76mm gun at enemy bunkers on Napalm Ridge, in support of the 8th ROK Division, Korea, 11 May 1952. M4A3E8 Easy eight of the 89th Tank Battalion, Korea. M4A3E8 Easy eight tanks of the 89th Tank Battalion, Korea. Abandoned Firefly, Lebanon, 26 Feb 1984 Cast Hull (M3 Lee, M4A1 Sherman, M4 Composite Sherman with both cast and welded plate armor) Welded Hull (M3 Lee, M4, M4A3, M4A3E8, M5, M5A1, etc.) Riveted Hull (M3 Lee, M3 Stuart, etc.) - (Obvious durability issues with rivet shrapnel issues upon impact, etc) COBI II WW M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight, 745 LE, 3 f (CBCOBI-2533) vásárlás 17 550 Ft! Olcsó II WW M 4 A 3 E 8 Sherman Easy Eight 745 LE 3 f CBCOBI 2533 Egyéb építőjátékok árak, akciók. COBI II WW M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight, 745 LE, 3 f (CBCOBI-2533) vélemények. Készítsen egy amerikai harckocsi modelljét a második világháborúból Image from Tamiya: Sherman M4A3E8 (Tamiya model: TM35346)-Steve . Mar 1, 2016 #2 urumomo Well-Known Member. Joined Mar 18, 2013 Messages 1,783 Reaction score 392. Re: Tamiya Sherman M4A3 75mm gun - 1/35 Scale six gallons of air at 120 psi will last plenty long running an airbrush at 12-15 psi ; Barcode: 0 89195 86183 2 Packaging: 20 pieces per master carton Box Size: 9.6x15x2.8 1/35 Sherman M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII Dragon has invested considerable efforts in research and development of its brand new M4A3E8 Sherman, so much so that this can be considered as the ultimate 1/35 model kit of this variant ever to hit shop shelves

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