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Described as the world's most grueling race, the Spartathlon runs over rough tracks and muddy paths (often it rains during the race), crosses vineyards and olive groves, climbs steep hillsides and, most challenging of all, takes the runners on the 1,200 meter ascent and descent of Mount Parthenio in the dead of night


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Spartathlon Magyar Csapat. 15 153 ember kedveli · 24 ember beszél erről. A Spartathlon magyar csapatának szurkolói oldala Spartathlon. A Spartathlon egy 246 kilométeres ultramaratoni futóverseny Görögországban, Athén és Spárta között. Az 1983 óta évente rendezett verseny szeptember utolsó péntekén rajtol és a futók az Akropolisz lábától Leonidász király Spárta főterén álló szobráig futnak The Spartathlon has taken place every September since 1983. It is an ultramarathon starting in Athens and finishing in Sparta at the statue of Leonidas, with many international participants. The local football club is Sparta F.C. People. Nikiforos Vrettakos, writer; Twin towns - sister citie

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  1. To participate in Spartathlon, runners need to be at least 18 years old, healthy and sufficiently trained. Participants assume full responsibility for their health status, before and during the race. In order to participate in the Race, runners must be officially admitted by the International Spartathlon Association (ISA) and registered
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  4. The Spartathlon revives the footsteps of Pheidippides, an ancient Athenian long distance runner, who in 490 BC, before the battle of Marathon, was sent to Sparta to seek help in the war between the Greeks and the Persians. According to the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, Pheidippides arrived in Sparta the day after his departure from Athens
  5. A Spartathlon nevezés korábban is kvalifikációhoz volt kötve, ez idén lényegében annyiban változott, hogy a meghatározott limiteknél 20%-kal jobb eredménnyel rendelkezők kapnak automatikus indulási jogot, a többiek közül pedig sorsolással választják ki a résztvevőket, a 390 fős limitig

Spartathlon, which is now on its 36th year, is a 245-kilometre (153 miles) ultramarathon race held annually in Greece since 1984 and takes place between Athens and Sparta, the modern town located at the site of the former city-state of ancient Sparta.The race has its origins back in ancient times as it follows in the footsteps of Phedippides, an Athenian messenger sent to Sparta in 490 BC to. Established in 2004, this race takes competitors across the Atacama Desert in Chile, the driest place on earth (it is 50 times more arid than California's Death Valley!) The route combines rugged terrain with a harsh climate — daytime temperatures often reach 40°C and the average altitude is 2,500m Spartathlon Not for the faint-hearted, the Spartathlon is a 153-mile (246 km) long ultra-marathon set between the historic cities of Athens and Sparta of Greece Spartathlon is an annual international Ultra Marathon race of 245.3km, which takes place in Greece since 1983 on the route of Athens-Sparta. The Spartathlon revives the steps of Pheidippides, an ancient Athenian long distance runner, who in 490 BC, before the battle of Marathon, was sent to Sparta to ask for help in the war between the Greeks and the Persians Background The aim of the present study was to compare the trends in participation, performance and age of finishers in 'Badwater' and 'Spartathlon' as two of the toughest ultramarathons in the world..


In Spartathlon, the age was unchanged at 39.7 ± 2.4 years for men and 44.6 ± 3.2 years for women (p > 0.05). In Badwater, women and men became faster over the years The aim of the present study was to compare the trends in participation, performance and age of finishers in 'Badwater' and 'Spartathlon' as two of the toughest ultramarathons in the world of more than 200 km of distance. Running speed and age of male and female finishers in Badwater and Spartathlon were analyzed from 2000 to 2012. Age of peak performance and sex difference in running. Jan 19, 2015 - Spartathlon Ultramarathon Race ATHENS - SPARTA 246K. It is one of the most difficult and satisfying ultra distance races in the world because the Spartathlon revives the footsteps of Pheidippides, an ancient Athenian messenger who in 490 BC was sent to Sparta to seek help in the war between the Greeks and the Persians in the battle of Marathon Spartathlon Spartathlon draws a legend out of the depths of history. The idea for its creation belongs to John Foden, a British RAF Wing Commander. As a lover of Greece and student of ancient Greek history, Foden wondered if a modern man could emulate Pheidippides and cover the distance from Athens to Sparta in 36 hours. - spartathlon.g

Background. Ultra-marathons are footraces that exceed the traditional marathon distance of 26.2 miles (42.2 km) [1, 2].Participation has steadily increased in the last 30 years [] and, despite its popularity as a competitive sport, most participants approach racing as a means of personal accomplishment [].Ultra-marathons are contested the world over, often in remote locations, on a variety of. The HIGH & ULTRA HIGH - documentaries. 1.1K likes. THE HIGH follows the pioneering near death run of the highest-toughest race on earth in the Himalayas of Northern India Considering the altitude, this is bloody insane!!! Just to give you a teaser on how this guy trains, during a training run before La Ultra High, a friend of mine Shailja Singh Sridhar was pacing him for a 60 km run on her bike and this fellow did a full marathon (42 km) on a training run in 3 hours 23 minutes. SPARTATHLON is a historic.

The American College of Sports Medicine reported a formula to calculate the effect of change in altitude (ie, elevation gain) on running speed.38 Furthermore, the temperature for Badwater, taking place in Death Valley (part of the Mojave desert), reaches much higher temperatures30 than Spartathlon.31 Parise and Hoffman described the influence. Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan is one of the most famous attractions, and the beauty is mind-blowing! Subscribe for more videos: http://bit.ly/MarkWiensSub.. It ranges from sea level to 1200m (Mt Parthenio) along a combination of roads, trails and footpaths and the cut-off time for its 390 selected participants is 36 hours. According to the organisers, only a third of runners make it to the foot of King Leonidas' statue in the city of Sparta Introduction. Participation in ultra-marathon running has become increasingly popular in the past years [1,2,3,4,5] and there has been an increased interest in investigating participation and performance trends in ultra-running [2,3,4].Participation and performance trends in ultra-marathons have been mainly analysed for 161-km ultra-marathons held in North America [2,3,4] where Hoffman et al.

SPARTATHLON is a historic ultra-distance foot race that takes place in September of every year in Greece. The highest peak of Parnonas is called Megali Tourla also known as Kronio and has 1936 meters altitude. The mountain ends in Laconia at the Cape Maleas, south of Peloponnese. The natural beauty of the mountain and the. The association between sex and nationality with running speed was investigated in 'Badwater' (217 km) held in North America with 208 women and 818 men and 'Spartathlon' (246 km) held in. Spartathlon in Greece, which traces the epic journey of Pheidippides from Athens to Sparta. My strength is the road ultramarathons, not so much high-altitude, trail 100-milers, just because I don't train up there. But roads can be very unforgiving, too. It takes usually someone that can take the pounding. But the landscape of this one. The goal of the Spartathlon is to show your strength as a modern day Pheidippides and meet the 36-hour time limit. The track covers vineyards, olive groves, hillsides, paved roads, and a nearly 4,000 foot tall mountain, Mount Parthenio. high altitude challenge begins six miles west of Colorado Springs in Manitou Springs and consists of a.

. Spartathlon, the world's toughest race. If the marathon isn't far enough, there is always the Spartathlon: 152 miles in less than 36 hours The nutritional demands of training and racing are congruent with the distances being contested, the latter of which is highly variable, for example: 31 miles/50 km (Blackwater Trail - Florida, USA); 56 miles/90 km (Comrades Marathon - Durban, South Africa); 100 miles/161 km (Western States Endurance Run - California, USA); and 152 miles/245 km (Spartathlon - Athens, Greece) 1) Spartathlon '83 (Athens to Sparta) (250 km in 21h53'40), course record. 2) Across Austria 3 day-stage race '84 (Danube) (320 km in total time 23h16'15), course record. 3) Six-day run, New York '84 (1,022.8 km), 16 world records unbroken from 1888. 4) Spartathlon '84 (20h25'00), new course record

SPARTATHLON is a historic ultra-distance foot race that takes place in September of every year in Greece. It is one of the most difficult and satisfying ultra-distance races in the world because of its unique history and background. Kalavryta Ski resort is situated 14km from the town, at an altitude of 1670 to 2328 meters above sea level. There are a couple things I look for when it comes to a sports watch for ultrarunning: measurement accuracy including GPS and altitude (check out fellrnr.com for extensive comparisons), native Stryd power support, native integration with TrainingPeaks, robustness and reliability of the watch and battery life The altitude of TS were determined using altitude information at positions of TS in Google Earth (version, such as 161 km ultra-marathons,15 Badwater,16,17 Spartathlon,16,17 and Marathon des Sables,18,19 or longer ultra-marathon races up to 1,000 km,20 3,100 miles,21 or 10 days.11. Check point 70, Spartathlon 2016, Saturday, October 1 There are temperature extremes that leave your body confused, a mountain pass at relatively high altitude and the pressures of the cut offs to deal with. Then there's pacing, refuelling, bad planning and, sometimes, even complacency Famous races: The Athens Marathon; Olympus Marathon; the Spartathlon (following the route presumed originally taken by Pheidippides in 490BC). Famous Greek runners: Spyridon Louis (first Olympic champion in marathon, 1896); massively successful ultramarathoner Yiannis Kouros. Did you know

Some high altitude loops in May. See more of Backyard Ultra on Faceboo 2017 London World Championships 5000 m and 10000 m runner Ayuko Suzuki (25, Japan Post) left from Narita Airport on Sept. 18 for altitude training in Boulder, Colorado. Two days earlier at a half marathon in Czech Republic, Yuta Shitara (25, Honda), like Suzuki born in 1991, broke the 10-year-old Japanese men's half marathon national record in a time of 1:00:17 Spartathlon +7 days `from the start I can't get you out of my head. It's been a week now since the start of the Spartathlon as the first rays of sun peaked through the pines that surround the Acropolis last Friday morning. That's a week to reflect on finishing the race. A race we finished but finished badly in my opinion

Perhaps one of the most challenging marathon of them all is the so-called Spartathlon that covers the 246 km (153 miles) between Athens and Sparta. The altitude, terrain and hills added more. The Kenyan, who has pitched camp in high altitude areas of Nyahururu for the last one month since returning from his training base in Japan, feels he will be ready on Sunday to wrest the first marathon title in his career. I resumed training in June after a month's break from the London race, added Karoki Spartathlon is a 246 kilometres (153 miles) non-stop race from Athens to Sparta, where participants run along the Greek coastline and across several mountain ranges (the toughest being a 1,200-metre mountain pass negotiated in the dead of the night and after 160 kilometres!!) But in short, the Spartathlon is a 246-kilometer (153 mile) ultramarathon from Athens to Sparta, held annually in Greece since 1983. Based on Herodotus's account, it represents the historical run of Pheidippides, who ran from Athens to Sparta before the Battle of Marathon in a day and a half to seek support against the Persians

The race is made up of six stages, and after a series of mountains and valleys participants reach an altitude of 8,658 feet by the finish line. The total ascent over the entire race is 18,041 feet. Runners will witness fantastic geological features and natural wildlife like big horn sheep and the rare California condor Spartathlon is one of the most challenging ultra-distance foot races in the world. Event is 246km long, and it takes places annually in historic landscapes of Greece. The challenge of the competition is not just about length, but huge differences in altitude, weather.. Even though I missed my original goal my result was best Finnish time in ten years and an all-time Finnish ranking number four. Three guys with better results are all considered as the legends of Spartathlon: Janne Kankaansyrjä (27.19.15, 3./2004), Seppo Leinonen (27.56.32, 3./1992) and Ari Mustala (29.12.45, 9./2000). Before the star

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- To finish SPARTATHLON or Pheidippides Run of 246 km on time. - To finish Dolichos Race of 255 km on time. - To finish Olympian Race of 180 km on time. - To finish Euchidas Race of 107,5 km or Euchidas Hyperace of 215 km on time. - To finish thw 100 km race of Psatha on time. - To finish any ultra race more than 50 km in Greece or abroad on time Scott Jurek at Spartathlon . New Start Thread. Not a jurek 13 years ago 10/06/2006 8:30pm CDT. Back To Index Forum Index

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The Grand Raid de la Reunion is a race starting and finishing at sea level with temperatures and relative humidity often exceeding 30°C and 80%, respectively; while other sections are ran at an altitude above 2,000 m where temperatures can be negative (Association GRR, 2019; Lai-Cheung-Kit et al., 2019) Altitude training has become very popular with endurance athletes and it is almost a necessity to be at the top of your running game. Unfortunately to get substantial benefits from altitude training you do need to spend a considerable amount of time living and training at high altitude, some sources say 2 weeks and others up to 6 weeks An even bigger problem is that I've been going for two hours, but I'm only half way to the top and I'm tired. This is Mount Etna, at 3,330 meters (10,926 feet) the highest volcano in. Faris extends into the heart of the central and eastern Taygetos region. Attractions include: an ancient bridge built in 50 BC, the Liakakos Tower, the medieval settlement of Koumousta (altitude 750 m.) with five Byzantine churches, three churches in Xirokambi, the forest of Pentavli (altitude 1,200 m.) which is a continuation of the marvelous Anakolos ravine, the mountain settlement of Toriza.

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4 weeks tomorrow I head to France, I'll be running 500+ miles in 17 days during the European Championships. The trip is raising money for RP Fighting Blindness, more details at the end of this blog. Here is a quick update on how my training has went over the last 4 months in 8 countries. O Jun 5, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Jörg Heiner. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres A runner in the 2013 Spartathlon slows while passing an ancient temple in Korinthos (Credit: Getty) Clearly, anyone who takes part in these kinds of races is going to be running for a very long time An ultramarathon, also called ultra distance or ultra running, is any footrace longer than the traditional marathon length of 42.195 kilometres (26.219 mi).. Overview. There are two types of ultramarathon events: those that cover a specified distance or route; and those that last for a predetermined period of time (with the winner covering the most distance in that time)

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Given the difficulty of the terrain combined with the altitude, runners must show proof of good health with a mandatory Health Certificate. Choose from distances of Extreme Ultra (60K), Full Marathon (42K), and Half Marathon (21K). The Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon is the ultimate running challenge Thus, the toughest environment is very high altitude, followed by jungles, then deserts and finally sub-Arctic and Arctic. The Physiological Effects Of Ultras . The Spartathlon is 153 miles of continuous running, between Athens and Sparta, to be completed in 36 hours

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The Picture Round is Famous Peters and the Wild Card is on the highest balloon altitude ever! Click for more info or add to basket by ticking below. Quiz 099 - 40 Questions - £3.00 The Picture Round is Blue Janes Surnames and the Wild Card is a stamina stat on a race called the Spartathlon. Click for more info or add to basket by. Give Bansko a try you won't be disappointed, with its beautiful trails, amazing weather, high altitude, gorgeous food and drink, and beautiful sights, this Bulgarian ski resort really is a runners paradise in the summer time After my recent trip to Iten in the Rift Valley, Kenya for some high altitude training, I am planning to host a Kenyan-inspired supper to raise money for a charity which supports struggling but very talented Kenyan athletes. Spartathlon 2018 - So Near, So Far On 12.12.12. - the last double digit day before 3001 - I ran 12k. Only 12 km. There was no point in running more. Four days earlier I've ran 121,6 km or 75,5 miles in 12 hours. In a stadium. The stadium of Megara, the ancient city between Athens and Sparta, where I've passed along some months earlier on my debut Spartathlon It's not quite the same - no altitude sickness because the highest point on the trail is only a tad over 2,000m high: not much higher than Denver. He's run in the footsteps of Φειδιππίδη Pheidippides from Athens to Sparta in the now annual Spartathlon: that's a non-stop run of 250km which Jurek has won three times on the trot '06.

Ádám Stéger fent van a Facebookon. A Facebookhoz csatlakozva tarthatod a kapcsolatot Ádám Stéger nevű ismerősöddel és másokkal, akiket már ismersz. A Facebook a megosztás örömét adja, így teszi a.. At a distance of 12 km, we meet the village of Agoriani with its castle and the Church of St. Nicholas (1290-1300) which boast rare murals. To the east lies Agios Konstantinos. Finally we arrive in Logganiko at an altitude of 750. Here we find the Kotitsa settlement, dating back to the Byzantine era Search over 100,000 trails with trail info, maps, detailed reviews, and photos curated by millions of hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you For the uninitiated, Spartathlon is a 246 kilometre (153 mile) ultra-marathon race held... 4 Races During 2018 Malaysia School Holidays You Can Consider. Mel-December 8 We have heard of elite runners and their altitude training. In fact, altitude training is a component of virtually all elite running programs. But what..

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The course has been commemorated in an annual Spartathlon run since 1983, but Naylor is no elite ultra continues, with phallic trees, a first sighting of Kibo, an encounter with the Spice Girls, and a serious attack of altitude sickness. In August 2019, I set off from Kingston, New York, with four friends and a Tanzanian-born guide, to. Moshi, Tanzania, October 1. Spanish ultra runner Kilian Jornet, 22, set a new speed record at Mount Kilimanjaro, running from base camp to Uhuru Peak and back in 7 hours

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